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Music streaming service Spotify has officially launched in India, in both free and paid tiers. Spotify Premium India subscription price is Rs.

Spotify also offers top-up packs for those who don't want to pay for a recurring subscription. These top packs start at as little as Rs. Spotify is offering a student discount in India as well and the price for students is Rs. Spotify's family subscription is currently unavailable in India and Spotify told Gadgets that it has nothing to announce in this regard at the moment. Sweden-based Spotify is the music streaming service with the highest number of paying subscribers in the world.

India is the 79th country that Spotify has launched in globally, and the 11th country to get the service in Asia. In India, Spotify says it is offering more than 40 million songs and 3 billion playlists.

Spotify is known for music streaming but it also features podcasts. The music streaming service is known for its algorithm-based music recommendations engine, which curates music to your taste.

Its apps for Amazon Echo and Google Home are not available in India at the moment, but Spotify says it is working on getting these to the country asap. The service is claimed to be available on over products across hardware brands globally. For its India launch, Spotify has offered some localisations on its apps. Once you tap the Search button, you'll see Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telegu, among other categories.

This will vary based on your preferences, but there is a clear attempt to help people discover Indian music.

In India, users can also choose from playlists of songs from movies, actors, as well as new city-based playlists tracking what's trending in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. Just like in other markets, Spotify has brought an ad-supported free tier to India. Spotify Premium on the other hand gives users access to features like offline mode, improved sound quality, Spotify Connect, and ad-free listening.

In India, the free tier is better than other countries, as for the first time, it lets users stream 'every song' on demand. In other markets, playlists are locked to 'shuffle play'. While Spotify officially launched today, its apps have been available on Android and iOS since yesterday.

These allowed us to sign up and verify Spotify's India price and payment methods as well. When it comes to payment options, Spotify only accepts credit and debit cards - Visa or Mastercard - for its recurring monthly subscription in India. It doesn't support cards from other providers at the moment. For all other plans including the annual subscription and one-time packs, users can opt for credit or debit cards, Paytmand UPI. Spotify's India pricing makes it one of the most expensive music streaming services in India.

The company said it is working on localising its apps by adding support for Indian languages but this feature doesn't yet have a launch date. Spotify has 96 million paying subscribers and million users, the company reiterated. More recently, Warner Music sued Spotify over licensing rights in India.Spotify is finally available in India, but should you make the switch?

We find out.

spotify india premium

By now, you've probably tried a number of music streaming services in India. Nearly all these services offer a similar set of features and for most users, it comes down to the quality of the music catalogue, price, and sometimes the app's design. Spotify is the latest entrant into the crowded Indian online music streaming market. With smartphone adoption rates exploding and easy availability of affordable data plans, Spotify has entered the market at a good time, even though the company would've preferred to do it before other domestic and international players did.

But can the world's most popular online music streaming service impress its target audience in India? Here's what we think. Spotify is easy-to-use and it takes very little time to sign up and get started. The company has a Web interface as well. However, most people will end up using mobile apps more. However, not all apps are available in India just yet. Spotify's rich black interface separates the service from its competition. The black interface looks impressive with the album covers that seem to stand out against the minimal black backdrop.

Spotify puts your music right at the centre of your experience. The interface is easy to get used to, even for someone who is trying a music streaming app for the very first time. Navigating the interface is a breeze. Spotify makes it really easy to start following its own curated playlists. Over a period of time, the service can offer personalised recommendations based on your listening pattern thanks to its smart algorithms.

Spotify offers a large selection of playlists that seem to cover almost all kinds of music genres. Once you start using Spotify, you'll likely end up curating and following playlists more than usual artist albums.

The mobile apps offer a similar user interface on both Android and iOS. Once you open a new account and sign in for the very first time, you'll be presented with a screen where you can pick your favourite artists.

This is quite similar to how most other music apps do it. Once you make your selection, Spotify starts recommending relevant playlists and artists. On the mobile apps, you're almost always two taps away from playing music.

Music for everyone.

Premium users can download the music for playing offline. You can follow playlists and once you get along you can save playlists, individual tracks, and albums to your library. In case you have the Spotify app installed on multiple devices, you can stream music from one device to another.

For example, you can play music on your laptop which has the Spotify app installed using the mobile app on your smartphone. The company's mobile apps on Android and iOS offer a consistent user experience no matter which device you pick. The only area where we were disappointed was the Web interface, which is inferior when compared to its mobile and desktop apps.

Spotify's mobile apps offer a consistent user experience across all devices.

spotify india premium

For starters, you can't sort playlists on the Web interface. While desktop apps are more stable, the Web player is more ideal for those times when you want to quickly listen to a song without firing up the app. The Web player felt a bit buggy after using it for a few hours. At times the page froze, while sometimes the music stopped playing altogether. This might be a browser issue, but we didn't face any such problems on any of Spotify's native apps.

Spotify's Web interface doesn't support all browsers, for example, you cannot use it on Safari.Spotify India is offering a limited time discount for its yearly subscription plan. Spotify Premium annual plan is priced at Rs 1, but with the discount users can get it for Rs This offer is available only till December This is a pretty sweet deal for users who are interested in getting a Spotify Premium subscription.

This offer is open to new and existing Spotify Premium users as well. Those who are already on a Spotify Premium plan will have to subscribe again to avail the offer. To get the Spotify Premium subscription users will have to first create an account on the platform. Once this is done users can head to the Spotify website on desktop. The Spotify offer will be available under the plans section and users can tap on it to make the payment.

In addition to the annual plan, Spotify offers multiple subscription plans starting at Rs monthly. The streaming service also offers top-up plans starting at Rs 13 per day. It recently launched family plan in India with a 3-month free trial which is limited to first time users.

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Spotify introduces Premium Family Plan in India, costs Rs 179 per month

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Coronavirus remedy from TikTok lands 10 in hospital. WhatsApp makes group calls easier amid Covid lockdown.We have received reports from users in India who are trying to pay for a monthly Premium for Students subscription using a recurring payment method, but are receiving an error when trying to carry out the payment see screenshot below.

Go to Solution. Even if you are able to pay for other monthly subscriptions using a debit card, this does not guarantee that you will be able to do so with Spotify.

Spotify in India Review - Should you upgrade to Premium?

View solution in original post. Whereas 1 month subscription can be paid through the above mentioned payment methods. Kindly help.

Spotify India Review: Game Changer or Too Little Too Late?

If you don't see the payment method that you'd like to use on the payment page, then it's currently not available. I'm facing the same issue being a debit cardholder. I hope, they'll come up with other options like PayPal or debit cards for monthly subscription, instead of just credit cards. I just wanted to know whether the student discount plan for a year will be available by paying through paytm in the future?

Not sure though. For now, the only available option is prepaid plan using Paytm, which you have to explicitly do after every month. Thanks for reporting this issue to us. Note that this issue is not only for Premium for Student. It happens for the regular Spotify Premium too. This issue, however, may be limited to debit cards that are eligible for international transactions. Please, make this happen ASAP before i file a cmplaint against you with my bank.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here. Go to solution. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.I was awaiting Spotify's arrival to India with bated breath and immediately signed up for the trial when the option was up. But my glee slowly faded when I saw how much of my favourite music isn't available at all. I understand that Spotify is having licensing issues but I didn't think it would be this severe. I could have lived without stuff that wasn't released in India at all, but a majority of the music that's missing is readily available on other streaming services like Apple Music.

I was so ready to cancel all my other subscriptions and switch to Spotify for good, but I don't know if I want to now. If this isn't sorted out by the end of my trial, I will not be renewing my subscription with Spotify.

Go to Solution. Thanks for inquiring into this matter. View solution in original post. Agreed, no grateful dead, no led Zeppelin and many many more missing.

This is very disappointing. Yeah, half of my favorites are greyed out! I thought I can immediately shift from apple music! Looks like it's gonna take a while. Hi, i use spotify free mainly on my windows device and occasionally on android. I live in India so i used a vpn to download spotify and created a us spotify account.

Recently spotify became available in india so i changed my account country to india and it was fine but then i realised many of the songs that were available on spotify when i had us set as my country are not available. So i tried switching back to us and it worked it shows the songs.

However, some artists and tracks aren't currently available. I'd recommend reading this article for more info.Spotify, the popular music-streaming service is now available in India.

Spotify Officially Launched in India; Premium Pricing Starts at Rs. 119 Per Month

The Android version of the app is listed on the Google Play Store in India and also supports upgrade to the premium account. The iOS version of the Spotify app can also be downloaded from the India App Store, however, the app does not appear to support an upgrade to the Premium account.

Spotify users can listen to music for free, though the free version of the app is not ad-free. Spotify also has a premium version, which starts with a day free trial and comes with monthly price of Rs per month. However, Spotify is also offering different price packs and payments options for its Premium version. The basic plan starts at Rs per month. Users can subscriber to this by paying via debit or credit card. The first 30 days of this plan are free.

For those who do not cancel their subscription before the trial ends, which would a month from the date, they will automatically be charged the subscription fee every month until they decide to cancel. The monthly subscription requires that you make a payment via credit card. Read more: Spotify India launch: Subscription starts Rs per month, but you can listen for free too. Spotify is also showing some top-up options with payments options starting at Rs 13 per day to Rs for the entire year.

Plans included at Rs 13 per day, Rs 39 for seven days, Rs for one month, Rs for three months, and Rs for six months. The most expensive top-up plan is Rs 1, for one year, which is the Spotify Premium Yearly. The advantage with these options is that you can choose Paytm or Bhim UPI as an option for payments, along with credit card. Spotify is also offering its Premium service for students with up to 50 per cent discount. Users will need to confirm if they are enrolled at an accredited college or university.

Spotify says it is relying on SheerID to verify Student status. If this service is unable to verify the user, then they will not be eligible for the Student discount.

Users can check if their school is listed or get them added to the list as well. The discount will last 12 months at a time, with the option to renew a maximum of three times as long as the user is eligible.

The manual submission for verification is limited to US students. Click here to join our channel indianexpress and stay updated with the latest headlines. E-paper is now free, click here to read all editions Click to read live updates on the coronavirus pandemic in India, world Private labs endorse SC order on free COVID tests, want to know: Who will cover cost?

A look at all the Spotify prices and plans in India. Tags: Spotify. Nokia 8. Using WhatsApp for work-from-home?Jump to navigation. Spotify made a debut in India earlier this year. At the time, the music streaming giant unveiled a with free tier of service along with a bunch of ad-free premium tiers. Now, after nearly eight months of launching its music streaming services in India, Spotify has introduced a Family Plan for its premium users in India.

Spotify's Premium Family Plan costs Rs per month and it will allow up to six family members stream music on their devices using one account. At the time of launch, Spotify was offering its music streaming free for one month in India.

Now, the company is offering three months of trial period to those who opt for its Premium Family Plan. So what all features does Spotify's Premium Family Plan offer? Apart from enjoying six individual accounts under one plan, subscribers will get an exclusive access to a personalised Family Mix playlist that will contain songs liked by all the family members. This list will be customised regularly based on the shared listening history of the family members.

In addition to this, the Premium Family Plan will also include parental controls that will allow the master account holder - who will get the bill every month - to set explicit content filters for all other connected accounts. Additionally, all the family members included in the Premium Family Plan get their individual Premium plan without being billed separately.

They also get access to ad-free music offline and the ability to listen to their favourite tracks on any device. But if you don't want to subscribe to the Premium Family Plan, you can opt for any one of the Premium plans that the music streaming company offers based on your needs. Here is a list of all available plans:.

Up to 6 family members can use this account. Spotify has introduced Premium Family plan in India. Spotify's Premium Family Plan costs Rs per month. Not yet.

spotify india premium

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